Year Of The Villain – Hell Arisen #2 (2020) – Lex vs the Sinister Six… well some of them.

Lex Luthor’s greatest asset has always been his mind. And in this issue we get to see him demonstrate that he doesn’t need super strength to overcome his foes. From using a red sun to take down Supergirl to having an answer to Donna Troy, Lex shows not only how clever he is, but how well he knows his opponents.

Case in point: the greatest weakness of Shazam is that Billy Batson is only ever one word away.

Now of course this series would not work unless Lex found himself pitted against a foe that can offer him a challenge when it comes to plotting. And the Joker Who Laughs is one such evil genius. While Lex has been concerned about the other members of the Sinister Six, Jim Gordon was perhaps fulfilling the most important role: recruitment. Trapp in a cell inside the Justic League’s headquarters, secured in a straight jacket and seemingly helpless, old Jim still managed to infect those around him when they entered to feed and attempt to cure him.

Now the ending of the issue sees Lex’s agent approach the Joker for assistance. Seems a sensible idea, but I can’t help wondering if the Batman Who Laughs would really fail to see that coming and if he did what measures he took to give Lex a little surprise.


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