Mighty Morphin Power Ranger #47

You know it’s very hard after all these years to remember sometimes just how bitchy and shallow Kimberly could be. At the time it seemed like she was such great friends with everyone but then you look again and realise that actually she’s been forced into a situation where she’s become friends with people she wouldn’t normally associate with because of being a Ranger. And that bitchiness gets to show in this issue.

Honestly the tension between the Rangers in this issue was great. Zack, Trini and Jason lied to their teammates and they can’t even tell them why. The only one that seems to understand their position is Zordon… maybe they now have some sympathy for the position he found himself in in the past.

Aisha’s conversation with Trini was great. Under any other circumstances Trini’s answer would have done its job and settled all of Aisha’s doubts. But then Trini had been caught lying to Zordon and her friends, so how could Aisha just take her word for it?

I’m insterested to see what Kiya does next or what her ultimate goal is. She states she wants order… is it me or is she starting to sound a little like Drakkon?


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