The Ninja’s Spirit

The Shredder was defeated by the Power Rangers and faded from sight. Where did he go? What has he been up to? Is he even the Shredder? There are secrets that the supposed ninja master has been keeping from even his closest follower Oroku Saki. And it seems that part of that secret relates to Saki’s own link to the title of The Shredder. As The Master continues to put the pieces in place for his grand scheme it would appear that the truth is about to emerge. But where The Master is concerned you can guarantee those revelations are only intended to further his own twist scheme.

Trade and Allegiance

In order to succeed the Master need to secure the alliegiance of the Soul Gem. Fortunately all it takes is a little soul food.

Lightspeed: Hunt and Rescue

In an attempt to extend Lightspeed’s limited ability to hunt down Queen Bansheera’s forces and rescue those in need beyond the limited scope of Mariner Bay, Captain Mitchell decided it was time to extend their operations.
So welcome Rescue Force and the Demon Hunters.

Body and Soul

After recovering the means to heal his damaged body, the mostly restored Master turns his mind to a new scheme. But what is he really after. With the Master it is not always the obvious.