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Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Disclaimer: The Power Rangers at the time of writing are the property of Saban Brands and will soon be the property of Hasbro. This is a fan work and no profit is being sought or made.

Author's Note: This chapter revisits the beginning of the ID War Crisis of Faith. Feel free to pop back and take a look at that storyline, it will be relevant.

Aftershock: History Revisited by The Q-Team

The Earth is much older than many understand and had had many civilisations over its long history. There had been many cycles of life and death. Humanity had risen in some form many times only to be erased by the passage of time and the volatility of nature. Long before the dinosaurs, the Earth was inhabited by tribes of humans that had mastered the wonders of science and built a great empire upon the super-continent named Pangea. When a disaster ended their great nation, their technology and knowledge was lost to the ages, leading even those that theorised their existence to assume they had been little more than primitive tribes.

It was to that world that an object arrived from beyond the stars, pursued by monstrous evils in the form of demons and monsters that could tap into the magical properties of the planet and sought to subvert the many tribes to their will. A single native found the object before the dark beings could take it for themselves and after being judged by its power, he was gifted with its power. His height grew, his strength was enhanced beyond measure and his wisdom promised to guide his tribe into a new era of peace... once he destroyed the demons that wanted his power.

Although he was changed by the power he held, his people did not fear him. His spirit reached out to those he encountered, calming their fears as he pursued the dark beings that had been drawn by the object's power; many of the battles he fought would have repercussions that would ripple down through history until a time in the distant future when they would resume. But nothing could last forever, not even mighty warriors empowered by mystical objects of incredible power. Over his lifetime the warrior had grown to become a benevolent ruler of the planet and had guided his people in the steps needed to sustain the protection he offered after his passing. He educated his people, many of whom were already scholars of great learning and ability, applying their skills to subjects beyond their understanding.

Under his guidance the natural energy of the planet was manipulated and directed into a vast network of energy centres and focal points. And at the centre of that network he built a vast facility to control and distribute the power needed to keep those beings that he had defeated from breaking free and wrecking havoc upon his world.

Although he had achieved much, his work was unfinished when he faced his final demon. The mighty beast was stronger than many he had faced and by the time he managed to drive his sword into its chest, it had destroyed his left arm. However, it was the final burst of fire that caught the warrior unawares and prevented him from seeing the clawed hand that took his life. The warrior king's death was honoured by all his subjects. At his request his mighty body was dragged from the battle field and placed upon a throne he had built at the centre of his facility. The object that had granted him such power was placed at another site where its connection to him helped to complete the unfinished circuit. Before the facility, which would serve as his tomb was sealed, the beast that had killed him was tossed into a special pit where it would remain for eternity... they hoped.

And for a long time his plan worked and the Earth was protected. It was not perfect, nothing is ever perfect. Without his presence to shield them from its influence, evil gained a hold on the civilisation. Eventually disaster or war, or invasion wiped the utopia he had promised from the face of the planet. It would be replaced by at least four more human empires, dinosaurs, demon dynasties and finally the modern world of man and animal. Evil would be drawn to the planet in response the to the changes he had made to its structure - for those that craved power could sense the massive energy hidden within its core. But despite the many threats that came and passed, the great evils he had locked away remained in the prisons he had built for them and the object that had transformed him into a mighty leader was safely locked away from those that would use it for their own ends.

And then things went wrong.


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