Void Rivals #7


A decade ago, Darak worked as an Edgewalker, aiding construction projects at the perilous juncture between Agorria and the Wastelands of the Sacred Ring. A mishap involving falling crates placed a fellow worker in peril, prompting Darak to heroically intervene. However, the unforgiving gravity near the Ring’s edge sent Darak tumbling into the desolate Wastelands.

In the present, Solila inquires about Darak’s strategy, prompting him to reveal his past encounters with the Wastelands. Handroid calculates a three-month journey across the Wasteland, yet their supplies will only suffice for four to six weeks. Darak cryptically mentions that reaching halfway is sufficient, without divulging the reason. Despite Solila’s doubts, they embark on their arduous expedition.

Meanwhile, in Zertonia, Zalilak confers with Proximus in a mental realm, briefing him on Darak and Solila’s situation and urging him to intercept them before they reach Agorria. Proximus, sensing Zalilak’s unease, teases him but ultimately agrees, both sharing the aim to thwart Goliant’s emergence. Proximus probes Zalilak about potential treachery, but Zalilak remains confident in their prior encounter and Proximus’s current condition.

In the physical realm, Zalilak instructs Gulan to release Proximus from a healing tank, where cybernetic enhancements reconstruct his damaged body and outfit him with armor. Proximus swiftly departs to pursue his quarry, leaving Gulan shaken by their actions.

Meanwhile, as Darak and Solila press on, she presses him for more details about his vision, but Darak insists he has disclosed all he remembers. Handroid dismisses the vision as a likely hallucination induced by the jump jet launch’s intensity, but Solila remains convinced of Darak’s chosen status by Zerta. As they make camp, Solila secretly examines a mysterious key, while Mistress Vill, sensing Solila’s destiny unfolding, contemplates events from afar in Zertonia.


It’s taking a while for this combined universe to grow on me and to be honest: I’m still not sure I like it. Duke is slow to get going, Cobra COmmander is interesting but the time gap is confusing and Transformers just seems to be issue after issue of Prime getting dinged up (Him getting smashed by a properly sized constructicon was cool though). This issue hasn’t redeemed the Energon Universe as far as I’m concerned, but hasn’t made it worse. I’ll give it another month.