Ohsama Sentai King Ohger


In the annals of Chikyu’s kingdoms lies an ancient prophecy foretelling the resurgence of the Earth Empire Bugnarak, two millennia following its demise, poised to annihilate humanity once more. Yet, amidst this foreboding, stand five monarchs and their divine protector, King-Ohger, ready to confront this peril. This saga chronicles not only the valor of these kings in defense of Chikyu but also the journey of a young man ascending to kingship.

United, the six kings, aided by the guardian deity King-Ohger, waged a relentless battle against the Earth Empire Bugnarak, nearing its climactic conclusion. Victory seemed to herald an era of enduring peace.

However, just two years later, a new menace emerges from the depths of space, confronting the six kings anew. Though the conflict with Bugnarak has been resolved, the passage of time has birthed a fresh adversary, threatening the fragile tranquility once more.