Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong #6 – So how do the Justice League fight giant monsters at giant size?

Oh boy, remember how I only recently sat down to watch Pacific Rim? I am so glad that I did becaue this issue in my mind borrows from the ideas of Jaegers, Megazords, natural growth and a little bit of Robotech as the Justice League come up with their own ways to tackle Kaiju. Not to mention you have Lex Luthor in his recently rebuilt Mecha Godzilla that he borrowed from elsewhere. To start out you have the understanding that with Godzilla out of the picture under the sea Lex plans to use Mecha Godzilla to force the Kaiju to bow down to his leadership. At the same time Grodd has used Krytonite to take control of Supergirl, who he has then used to deliver a knockout blow to Kong so that he could take control of the giant ape. How on Earth do the Justice League battle such a massive threat? Introducing the giant Bat Bot. This is a giant robotic Batman, piloted by Batman with Flash on a treadmill to provide power to the legs and Cyborg running the other systems. Then add in five Green Lanterns turning into the body and limbs of a giant robot before merging toether Megazord style (or gestalt Transformer). At this point enter Beast Boy, briefly, in the form of a giant ape. And finally you have transforming Batwings in what I would consider Macross style. And then the fight begins. And then right at the end, the battle cuts away to Superman deep beneath the ocean telling Godzilla they have unfinished business.