Duke Issue #3

At M.A.R.S. headquarters, the company is in the midst of relocating following Duke’s infiltration, which compromised their security. Destro, realizing the need to eliminate Duke permanently after his escape from authorities, utilizes Dr. Burkhart’s tracking device to locate him. Major Bludd is tasked with this mission, eager to fulfill any assignment as long as he is compensated.

Meanwhile, in the Pit, Rock ‘n Roll and Stalker discuss Duke’s impending transfer to a new facility with Colonel Hawk. Concerned about imprisoning such a distinguished soldier, they voice their apprehensions to Hawk. In the cells below, Duke and Clutch are approached by the Baroness, who attempts to persuade them to aid in her escape. Duke recognizes her as Anastasia Cisarovna, a former aristocrat turned terrorist, but remains steadfast in his loyalty to his country.

As a prison transport arrives, Stalker is met with a grim discovery: the occupants have been murdered, signaling an imminent attack. Major Bludd and his Blood Hounds descend upon the Pit, launching a deadly assault. Duke, Clutch, and Rock ‘n Roll attempt to evacuate, with Duke reluctantly freeing the Baroness in the chaos. However, their escape is hindered by Bludd’s pursuit.

Cornered by Bludd, Duke refuses to divulge information about the tracking device, knowing that there is a bounty on his head. Before Bludd can execute him, the Baroness intervenes, saving Duke’s life. However, she now aims her gun at Duke, hinting at the potential betrayal to come.