Doctor Who The Giggle

Just finished watching, but have to say I just loved the interaction between the Doctor and the Toymaker.

The Celestial Toymaker: I came to this universe with such delight. And I played them all, Doctor. I toyed with supernovas, turned galaxies into spin tops. I gambled with God and made him a jack-in-the-box. I made a jigsaw out of your history. Did you like it? The Master was dying and begged for his life with one final game, and when he lost, I sealed him for all eternity inside my gold tooth. There’s only one player I didn’t dare face. The One Who Waits. The Doctor: Who’s that? The Celestial Toymaker: I saw it hiding, and I ran. The Doctor: What do you mean? The Celestial Toymaker: Hmm. That’s someone else’s game.

My only problem on first watching is that the new Doctor seems to imply it was beating the Toymaker that caused the Doctor to start running. I thought he started before that. Of course if you take into account the audio adventures where he met the Toymaker before he left Gallifrey with Susan, he did. But that also requires him to have met the Toymaker more than once in the past.

Edit: 05/02/2024 – Small tidy up and added image