Doctor Who, Series 12 Episode 1, Spyfall Part 1

The Master is back! Woohoo, one of my favourite Doctor Who villains has returned. And it was a return to for for the character as at the end of the first part of the adventure I had no idea what he was planning. Was this entire plot a scheme to draw the Doctor in so he could reveal himself? Or was this one of those old fashioned Master decides to piggyback on someone else’s scheme things?

Blowing up the cockpit of a plane and then taking the Doctor away before she could save everybody’s life was just the sort of thing I’d expect from him.

Unfortunately there were some things that did not work. I really wish Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry ha switched roles for this episode. Fry would have made a more interesting secondary villain while Lenny was clerly the stern head of MI-6. While I enjoyed the discussion between Fry and the Doctor, he was wasted by such a short role.


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