Doctor Who: Fugitive of the Judoon


On Monday morning, Ruth Clayton whipped up a batch of pancakes for her husband Lee, a routine gesture of affection. Lee, in turn, surprised her with a cake for her birthday. However, Ruth’s day took a peculiar turn when she ventured to Gloucester Cathedral, attempting to drum up interest for her guided tours of the town. Despite her efforts to entice passersby with tidbits of local trivia, only one woman showed interest briefly before dismissing Ruth’s offer.

Seeking solace, Ruth found herself in a nearby coffee shop where the affable barista, known as “All Ears” Allan, expressed his unwavering support for her, despite his disapproval of her relationship with Lee. Allan even shared a dossier he had compiled on Lee, highlighting some questionable details about him. However, Ruth remained unconvinced and left the cafĂ©.

Meanwhile, high above Earth, Judoon soldiers scanned Gloucester from their spaceship, preparing to take action. As the TARDIS hurtled through the Vortex, the Doctor and her companions-Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin-debated the Doctor’s restless search for the Master. The Doctor’s anxiety was palpable as she feared the consequences if the Master had indeed escaped.

Their discussion was abruptly interrupted by a Judoon warning transmission, indicating the presence of the intergalactic police force on Earth. The Doctor swiftly maneuvered the TARDIS to bypass the Judoon’s enforcement field, determined to investigate the situation in Gloucester.

On the ground, chaos ensued as the Judoon descended upon Gloucester, scanning and cataloging its inhabitants. Ruth found herself caught up in the commotion, witnessing the Judoon’s heavy-handed methods firsthand. Lee, on the other hand, rushed to retrieve a cake for Ruth but soon found himself entangled in the unfolding events.

Back in the coffee shop, Allan’s attempt to shield Ruth from the Judoon’s scrutiny ended tragically as he clashed with the Judoon platoon leader, resulting in his demise. Meanwhile, the Doctor and her companions intervened, seeking to unravel the mystery behind the Judoon’s presence.

As tensions escalated, revelations emerged, leading to a shocking realization: Ruth herself was the target of the Judoon’s pursuit. With the Doctor’s guidance, Ruth unearthed buried memories, revealing her true identity as a Time Lord known as the Doctor.

With the truth laid bare, Ruth and the Doctor faced a perilous confrontation with the Judoon, culminating in a showdown that challenged the very fabric of time and identity. Amidst the chaos, alliances were tested, and secrets unearthed, leaving the Doctor and her companions grappling with the implications of their newfound knowledge.

As Ruth and the Doctor grappled with their shared past and uncertain future, the Doctor’s companions reaffirmed their unwavering loyalty, standing by her side as they confronted the looming threat on the horizon. With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the Doctor and her companions embarked on their next adventure, bracing themselves for whatever challenges lay ahead.