The Brink of Destruction

Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Beetleborgs, VR Troopers and probably a large number of other things as well. I am using their characters without permission and for no profit whatsoever. Ellen Brand owns Chelsea and Teddy Oliver and I thank her again for letting me use them occasionally. The Doctor, Master, TARDIS, […]

Shatter Point

The Power Rangers and their allies were too late and existence ceased. But in the darkness a single reality remained, shifting in time and space, reflecting the many realities that had been lost and sustained by what was left of the Great Power. Can a team of humans who never wanted to be […]

Crossroads of Evil – Part 6

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers, they belong to the current copyright owner. Crossroads of Evil — King of Fighters Part 6 The anticipation was building with each step and the distance to the ring had never seemed so great. With such an extreme battle looming time just seemed to slow. And while this […]