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Shattered Grid Index

Disclaimer: I do not own the Power Rangers. All characters are the property of the current copyright holders, likely Saban Brands. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.
Author's note: This story takes place just after Tommy leaves his clone in the past in Return of the Green Ranger Part 3. In my series I usually keep what happened to Tom the same ie he stays out of the way for a few hundred years and then reenters the Rangers' lives as Samoht Revilo. This time around I thought I'd explore an idea I had in another story about Tom staying evil and going on to become a more powerful villain named Lord Drakkon. This story is of course inspired by reading Boom Studios' series Shattered Grid although parts of it were originally posted as part of a story I wrote called At the Toss of a Coin.
Just some in universe notes for this series. I decided that in order for things to work this series has to adopt a few things from the 1995 movie universe. Zordon has a physical body that can be brought into the Command Center and is not just a transmission from another dimension. Also the Rangers of the timeline that Tom originated in wear armour as opposed to spandex.

Shattered Grid
Exit Tom, Enter Drakkon

Angel Grove, Reality:
Colonial Times / The Past

...Green Ranger gently pushed Tommy's hand away.

"There's no place for me there. Let me stay here where I can do some good for a change."

"He's always welcome to join... my regiment," the Redcoat Captain announced. Was he some ancestor of Skull or did he just have a strong resemblance? Tommy couldn't decide.

The kind gesture was met with cheers and approval from the crowd. It seemed that a witch could be welcome in their society, providing he saved them from a pack of rat monsters first.

Green Ranger looked down at his armour, tapping the golden chest shield. "I don't think I'll be needing this is anymore."

Tommy didn't want to leave his clone in the past, especially if he lacked the ability to defend himself. But he knew that if his mind was made up there was little he could do. He sighed and pressed the wand to the Green Ranger's body.

"Well, if your mind's made up..."

A surge of green energy flooded over the clone's body and was seemingly sucked into the skull-head of the wand, leaving behind a young man dressed in a green coloured colonial style suit!

"There you go. I wish you nothing but luck, my friend."

His clone nodded as he made his way into the crowd, shaking hands with his fellow citizens as they welcomed him to their township.

"I hope everything works out for you. Hey, I'll never forget ya!"

Tom stopped and turned back. "You don't have much of a choice. I'm a part of you!"

"I don't know if the history books are ready for this!" Tommy chuckled.

Tom raised his hand and snapped his fingers, summoning a black felt three-rimmed hat to form out of green energy. He placed it on his head and continued to smile as he walked off into the crowd, ignoring the gasps of surprise.

"Take care, buddy," White Ranger said before activating the wand and warping back home, hoping Tom would be okay.

Angel Grove, Reality:
Colonial Times / The Present

Tom waited until Tommy disappeared before allowing a sinister smile to cross his face. He was certain the White Ranger had believed it was all over the moment he had waved the Wizard of Deception's wand. The spell had been broken, that much was true. But Tommy had only cancelled the spell that had been used by the wizard to keep the Green Ranger under his control. It had not changed the fact that Tom lacked the positive traits that had allowed Tommy to make amends when he had been released from Rita's control and evolve into the White Ranger that Rita and Lord Zedd had grown to hate.

Tom was not like Tommy. He lacked the traits that would have driven the original to turn from the darkness. At the end of the day Tom was evil and would remain evil. He had been created to be the Green Ranger and destroy the White Ranger. Tommy had broken the spell, but Tom remained the Green Ranger and he was still decidedly evil. The only difference was that he no longer tethered by the Wizard of Deception's power to serve Rita and Lord Zedd. He no longer had the sole purpose of destroying the White Ranger, although he fully planned to follow through on that task. He was free to do as he wished, and nothing would stand in his way.

Tommy hadn't even considered him a threat when he left. If he had he might have considered taking the Green Power Coin with him. Not that Tom would have given it to him, but it was a sign of just how badly Tommy had wanted to believe that even an evil clone could be redeemed. And it was an oversight that Tom would enjoy making Tommy regret the next time they met.

He was not sure how Rita had retrieved the Green Power Coin from Tommy's sock drawer, but he suspected Tommy's mother would throw a fit when she saw the state of his room. The Wizard of Deception, Rita and Lord Zedd had worked together to reverse the effects of the Green Candle. Those repairs had remained intact after Tommy had broken the control spell.

Which meant that Tom had been left on Earth with a fully functional Power Coin and all the capabilities that coin possessed, at a time when there were no Rangers to oppose him. The coin not only offered him the ability to become the Green Ranger, it allowed him to teleport around the globe at will at a time when humans were still using horse drawn carriages and relying on letters for long distance communication.

No, not Tom. Well not for much longer anyhow. Another name had formed in his mind the moment he had chosen to remain evil: Drakkon. He remebered the name from long ago, back in the days when he had been Tommy Oliver. Rita had mentioned Drakkon shortly after she had given Tommy the Green Power Coin. Tom recalled that she had tried to make Drakkon her Green Ranger, but he had chosen to serve her without assuming that form. Still he had gone on to be a loyal general in her war against Zordon; Tom remembered that she had almost seemed sad when she mentioned his passing, perhaps the reason that she had promised that once Tommy defeated the Power Rangers he would be granted the title Lord Drakkon and take his place at her side.

But it had been the look on Zordon's face when Tommy had dropped the name during his rampage through the Command Center. The claim that he was Drakkon had shocked and terrified the old sage. It was for that reason that Tom decided that he would claim what Rita had offered him: he would take the name Lord Drakkon and crush the world beneath his feet.

~We will meet again Tommy,~ he promised as he noticed the human known as Uncle Ben approach. He allowed the large man to place a hand on his shoulder as he was guided to where the other citizens waited to greet him. It wouldn't hurt to blend in for a few days while he finalised his plans. ~And the next time we meet I will be more than just the Green Ranger and I will be more powerful than you can ever imagine, White Ranger.~

End of Part 

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