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Author's Notes: Future Errors, Past Mistakes

One of the biggest problems with plotting this story was working out how Tom/Drakkon would go from being left in the past to building his little empire. I don't think for a moment that there was anyone or anything in the past that could have stopped him if he had decided to set out there and then on a path of conquest. The problems with that are:

  • Zordon would have noticed and possibly reacted. And I really wanted Drakkon to do what Drakkon does best and take his enemy by surprise.
  • More importantly: Earth at that point would be easier to conquer but its people would not prove as useful as those in the future. There is technology and discoveries that are made between the time Tom was left in and his original era that he would really need to turn his empire into something spectacular. And Tom like Doctor Oliver, is not a rocket scientist and could not make up for that lack of knowledge.

However, I don't think Tom/Drakkon would be willing to wait around just doing nothing for hundreds of years. There is plenty of prep work a villain in the making can be getting on with so long as he leaves the humans alone and lets them continue their evolution.

I had toyed with the idea a while back that maybe the in universe reason Tom was never seen again was because somewhere in the future his presence was considered a threat and he was removed. Of course Drakkon would not respond well to such a threat and would likely kill those that tried to murder him. Which in turn led to the question of what Tom would do with time travel assuming that he would want to return to the past and wait for humanity to reach the point where he could use them.

So I figured Tom would take the opportunity to deal with some future obstacles (read rivals) such as the old man he helps to die in his sleep, causing rebellions in two kingdoms, sabotaging some machinery and arranging a honeymoon. Extra points if you can work out the references.

I also didn't want to leave him with the ability to time travel as that makes life too easy for him. So I gave it a limited power supply and made sure he could not recharge it. I want him to have to go the long way around so to speak. The other thing is that with his actions while time travelling he has effectively disrupted some of the future and that version of Time Force will never occur.

So what will gain Drakkon while waiting for the year 1993? There are two people in the past that Drakkon has access to that could greatly enhance his schemes: Zordon and Rita. At that time Zordon would not be aware of an evil Green Ranger and Rita is still trapped in her Dumpster. Careful handling of both would give him a lot of knowledge.

This is one point where Drakkon's universe will deviant from his original timeline because he will have access to the Power Coins long before the day the Rangers were originally due to appear. I'll let you work out the implications of that.

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